The first step to breeding rabbits

So you're on your way to breeding rabbits. The first step of course is choose which breed of rabbits you would like to breed. There are many options depending on what your purpose for breeding. You could be breeding for show, for fun, for meat, for profit, pet, fur, and more. Each breed of rabbit has it's own characteristics Once you determine your purpose for breeding rabbits you can then norrow it down to what breed you would like to start with. To help you decide your reason for breeding which will help determine which breed to start with you can get our FREE guide on how to breed rabbits. Just fill out the form to the left and we will instantly email it to you.

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The basics for successfully breeding

A female rabbit is dalled a doe and male rabbit is called a buck. Small Breed does are usually ready to begin breeding around 5 months old and the buck needs one more month to mature which would put him at 6 months. Medium size does are 7 months before they are ready and males at 8 months. With large breeds you need to wait until 8 months for the doe and 9 months for the buck. You will need to have a seperate cage for the doe and buck. If you don't they will keep breeding which is where the phrase "breeding like rabbits" comes from. Once they have their first litter you will need another cage for the babies or offspring. One important step that many people skip is to keep your rabbits healthy as overweight rabbits do have a hard time becoming pregnant. These are the basics for more information be sure to request our FREE guide using the form above.

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Breeding rabbits is a fun activity and is done for man reasons; you can breed rabbits for profit, meat, fun, raising purpose, and fun. Reguardless of your reason for breeding you need to be sure you take all precautions. Purchasing a guide or book may not be a bad idea. The trick to breeding rabbits is to take very good care of them and keep their living areas clean. Rabbits are very fragile animals and need a proper care in order to successfully breed safely.

The most important step is choosing the breed you want to start with. It is very important to only breed your rabbits when they are at the correct age for breeding. Breeding premature or elderly rabbits can have negative results. Buying an ebook, guide, or book can help you follow the correct breeding ages and steps. You shoudl always bring the doe to the buck. There are signs that will let know when the buck is ready to mate and it is recommended that you be sure the buck is not aggressive before you leave them to breed.

The most important thing to remember is to always remember if to keep your rabbit free from illness. If your bunny gets sick during pregnancy you are running the risk of your rabbit dying before the babies are even born and in result killing your babies. If your rabbit becomes sick and catches a disease during pregnancy the babies can be born with the disease and have a greater chance of dying.

The easiest way to keep your bunny healthy is to make sure you have the proper equipment and time to keep your bunny healthy. They require a clean environment and enough room to be comfortable. A pregnant rabbit will room to move around and space away from her buck. Your doe will also require clean water and food to be able to grow strong healthy bunnies.